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Focus on the of friction material technology

Focus on the of friction material technology

More than 20 years in the friction material industry 80% of the products are supplied to the supporting market, and have entered the OEM procurement system of the world's top 500 companies and domestic companies.

Participated in the drafting of the China Elevator Association standard "Elevator Electromagnetic Brake".

It has emerged in a series of products such as forging press friction blocks, air-conditioning clutch plates, elevator friction plates, and elevator traction machine brake shoes.

At the same time, it has entered the relevant braking technology fields of wind energy, rail operation, intelligent robots and other industries.

Research and development
Introduce and develop a number of intelligent processing equipment and systems, through intelligent material transfer, in It integrates advanced sensing, control, detection, and intelligent process equipment to realize human-machine interconnection and information exchange. The introduction of the manufacturing collaboration system promotes the integrated integration of enterprise planning management, production management, and quality control to achieve intelligent, efficient, and lean production.
Based on the advanced manufacturing technology and rich experience accumulated in automobile air-conditioning clutches, our production process strictly follows the ISO9000 and IATF16949 quality management system and ISO14000 environmental protection system, and each link strictly controls the consistency of the production process and the quality of operation. Standardization, using the manufacturing collaboration system to perform digital cloud management of the production process, and the progress of customer orders can be queried in real time. The products delivered to customers can truly achieve traceability management.
Through a large number of on-site data intelligent measurement and control devices, as well as advanced industrial Internet systems, organically integrate Yonghuan's advanced technology level and characteristic management experience, promote the intelligent manufacturing level of friction materials, and promote the lean production and forward R&D process of enterprises to be more transparent, accurate and efficient. The characteristic management mode of Yonghuan's corporate culture has been formed.

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As a professional experienced factory,we accept ODM and OEM from our clients.

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Solar system,battery cabinet and ups system,provide system design according to clients requirement. 

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We have complete R&D group and professional engineers.

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We have own battery and panel factories,and already have 20years experience.

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System product during warranty we will provide after sales service.

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